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KKS Chassis Area.

Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop is a PRC Racing Chassis dealer.

Recon Chassis– The all new next generation chassis with many tested and proven chassis options. Many upgrade options available -see the site for details!

This chassis is geared to get racers up front and keep them there week after week and do it with both tried and true technology and new ideas as well.

Order your new chassis today! Be winning right away!
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KKS Services Area.

Rigging is our specialty, no item is too large

Support - We use our experience & at the track knowledge to get you to victory lane..

Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop is dedicated to the ongoing support for our clients. We also pride ourselves in not just telling our clients “what” to do to their tires and chassis but go much further by teaching them “why” they are making the changes and adjustments that we recommend.

Kart Setup & Scaling Service:
Take advantage of our kart scaling and setup service that includes setting the front end geometry (Caster, Camber & Ackerman) for the track and class you will be racing. This service is free of charge to Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop customers that have purchased a chassis and/or our Perfect Bite Tire Solutions tire program but also available to any racer for a reasonable charge.

We take great pride in our understanding and expertise surrounding front end geometry and chassis dynamics and will work with you and your team to make sure you have the correct setup for your track, class and preferred driving style.

Kart Assembly Service:
Mounting the seat and body are the 2 most important parts to make sure your chassis can transfer weight and flex correctly to create the optimum amount of bite and speed. We take the guesswork and possible problems that could be caused if not done correctly by doing this for you. This includes mounting the seat at the correct height for your driver height, weight and track configuration along with mounting it in the right place for your chassis to work properly and not be in a bind

Track Support:
If you race at a track we are attending, we offer support for our racers who may need it. We can assist you with information such as tire choice, stagger recommendations, gearing and other types of general "day of the race help", while we are competing at these events ourselves.

Track Side Full-time Technical Support:
We are for hire to be your full service tech support team on race day and become part of your pit team. This service actually begins a week or two before the actual race we will be working with you with a review of your race program that includes tire inventory, chassis, classes you intend on running and prep inventory.

We will spend a night at the shop setting up your kart addressing Caster, Camber, KPI, Ackerman, Front and Rear Lead, Wheel Spacing, Stagger and Seat Height and Scaling the kart. Once at the track we are there to take you through the race day making tire and PRW calls as well as any necessary adjustment we feel necessary based on driver feedback and track condition changes for you to have a successful race day experience. We work hard prior to the day of the race to have a gameplan with different options based on track changes instead of just showing up and guessing. We build a plan for you and then help you to follow the plan with any needed adjustment.

For complete details visit our full site Service area!

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KKS Tire / Prep Area.

We have a large variety of crane and lifting equipment, including special rigging

We excel at helping clients with their tires and utilizing prep the right way.

We will work with you to tailor your tire program for the track conditions you will encounter and the classes that you choose to participate in. This starts with choosing the correct tire profile or shape, followed by the recommended rubber thickness to help you maximize speed by generating the needed bite with the least amount of rolling resistance.

We feel it is crucial to match the profile and shape to your situation because too many try and run the same shape and/or same thickness no matter whether they are running Rookie or High Horsepower adult classes and that just isn’t what we find to be best.

The Perfect Bite Prep Line is specially formulated and named for each track condition. We have you covered from soft cold dirt tracks all the way to high biting southern dirt and everything in between. We use the best chemicals in our products and then mix the chemicals to control the absorption rate into the tire as well as the bite agent for each application. We also carry and use some of the household names and provide directions and technical support for you to properly read the tracks and use the right prep on race day.
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KKS Product Area.

Rountree Transport has two Florida locations and does work outside of Florida

We carry only the best in winning products for our clients

We do extensive testing and research before we decide to bring a new product onboard and make it available for clients of our shop. While we can attain any product that you want to purchase in a very timely manner, the products that we stock and recommend are the same ones that we choose to use for our personal on track use. based on our knowledge, experience, and on track performance. We are helping clients save money in the long run by doing the research and testing for you.

Parts and Components for Racers:
We know what racer's need to be competitive today. We stock everything needed to keep you up front. We move allot of driver specific products, from seats to body kits.

Racing Products:
As a Dealer for many products, we carry all the latest in products available. From complete chassis, to components and parts.

Tools and Safety Gear for Racers:
Laser alignment products to tire durometeres and air pressure gauges, we have all your chassis needs covered. In addition to component and parts we also offer tools such as scales, camber gauges and more.

Specialty Parts:
We can special order any specific parts needed that we happen to not have in stock. Pretty much any product needed is just a phone call and drop ship away! See something new? Feel free to contact us about it, we'll be happy to look into it and if we can supply it for you we will!

You can also contact us using our site Email Contact page.
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About KKS Area.

We have a long history in providing heavy transport, lifting, rigging and crane service since 1945

We consider you a client and not just a customer!

When you choose to purchase a product from Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop that is just the beginning of the relationship and not the end like too many in karting experience. At KKS we consider you a client and not just a customer because we are not here just to sell products and we understand that when you choose to spend your hard earned money with us it is our duty and pleasure to support you after the purchase. We want to make sure you achieve the on track performance you and your team desire as part of the Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop family. Brent Smith.

Our Background:
Brent is a veteran racer with many years of experience in karting. Brent actually worked behind the scenes from 1999 -2007 doing chassis testing, development and as a team racing driver for Ultramax Racing Chassis. This period is when Ultramax really made it's mark as a winning racing chassis manufacturer as well as being one of the most customer support oriented companies in karting. A legacy that the company is still known for today. Brent has long had a relationship with such famous brands as Burris, Douglas Wheels, Tim Fishel Motorsports among others. Those products and brands are now offered by KKS.
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